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    Check out some of my travels and adventures through web journals I’ve kept over the years.


    I’ve archived some of my non-blog writing, including published works, here.

    Lincoln Research

    I focus much of my research on Abraham Lincoln—his youth, his life, and his legacy.

    From the Blog

    The Return of North & South Magazine

    North & South is back. The magazine ("The Official Magazine of the Civil War Society") previously operated from 1997 to 2013 as a staple in the Civil War historical community. Founder and editor Keith Poulter explained the return: With the...

    Lincoln Day 2019

    Lincoln historian and author Bill Bartlet, who co-edited Abe's Youth with me, will be the featured speaker at the annual Lincoln Day program at the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial on Sunday, February 10, 2019. Bartelt is a former employee of...

    Finding Our Sense of National Identity

    A bombshell New York Times op-ed by an anonymous author rightly suggests an urgent need to transcend increasing tribalism, which presents a troubling challenge to American civic life. Can we come together around a defining narrative, or make our multiple...

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